Want Your Forehead To Look Like A Bagel?

4 years ago

The newest trend in Japan is the "bagel head". People get their foreheads injected with saline. Once the bubble has formed the person administering the injection presses their thumb into the middle to give it its bagel shape. I do not at all understand this trend!!!! First of all, it`s temporary!!! It only lasts 24 hours. Who in the world cares that much for their appearance that they will undergo something like this just to look different for one day. Ok, maybe if you`re a celebrity it would be different because you could wear it at an event or something and get a lot of attention, but still... I`m pretty sure the same effect can be achieved with fake skin. The bagel head stretches your skin, so if you have this procedure done multiple times your forehead skin will eventually sag!! Well, I guess if these people are willing to do this they are willing to get plastic surgery to fix the wrinkles they created. Seriously, do some people actually prefer saggy skin over a normal forehead?

This trend is definitely giving me a glimpse into the future. I can just imagine more and more body modifying procedures being invented and becoming a normal thing.

What are your thoughts? Would you get this done or are you shocked like me?

Check out the link for more info and photos.

Source link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2012/09/japanese-hipsters-get-bagel-head-saline-injections.html

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