Want to wear leggings with a blazer?

5 years ago

Okay... so lately i have been thinking about wearing a blazer but i wanted to wear it with leggings.. This is a hard task!! Since i belive that wearing leggings as pants isnt always a good idea but if you put the whole outfit together really well... you can get away with almost anything!
So.. anyways, i was flicking through a few of my fav sites to look for outfits when i saw this and the first thing that came to my head was to share it on luuux. Many reasons for that..
1. I get to share it with my lovely fellow luuuxers and they might like it :)
2. I earn a few luuux points..
3. I wont have to search for this again.. i know i have shared it so hey.. all i have to do is flick through my blogs. HAHA!
Anyways, i really really like this outfit.. It has been put together really well and this defo could be something that i would love to wear! I love the blazer colour its PERFECT!
- and pretty much love everything about it. This outfit can be perfect for WINTER OR just when its a little chilly outside and you dont really want to go out with a huge jacket hha! :)
So.. anyways, what are your thoughts on this outfit?
- would you wear this or not?
- comment&rate&follow

- Also to thank everyone for all there support. So i am holding a giveaway and i will be giving away THE NAKED PALLETE. This is open to all so everyone can enter!! :) There are a few very simple rules so if you guys want to have a look at this then please click this link : http://www.luuux.com/community/doing-me-very-first-giveaway

Source link: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/355008-FEVER-black-zara-leggings-white-vintage-blazer-brown-zara-top

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