Want to print your own OLED screen? This is already possible

Company develops small printer that will do the job easily and inexpensively.

Imagine a future in which you can print your own fabrics. And not just any screen, but the super OLED displays. That future is not too far off: Konica Minolta, a company that develops printing solutions, announced the launch of KM128SNG, a printhead inkjet high-precision machine capable of printing them.

Printers are small enough to create droplets of a size picoliter (0.000000000001 / liter or an trillionth liter). It is the first time that these droplets are used in printing of electronic applications.

Konica Minolta used the MEMS (micromachines scheduled to perform a given activity) to produce the print head. This same technology is used in semiconductor processing and allows the development of a print head small, only measuring 38 millimeters in width, with holes in line 128 can eject small ink droplets.
Future earlier

Konica Minolta says that MEMS technology will allow in the future, the print heads are even smaller. Fortunately, KM128SNG is not just a prototype that is being produced in some laboratory of the company. The samples already sent to manufacturers between April and June, which means that in a few years, you will be able to easily print a new screen in your home.

The OLED is a technology that allows developing flat screens much thinner, lighter and cheaper. OLED screens are organic and therefore have their own light and need no backlight or side, and take up less space. Other advantages of OLED screen: they have low response time, can be viewed from different angles and has better contrast than current models. The OLED screen is considered the successor to the LED and LCD.

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