Want to be a model ? Bad idea...

Want to be a model ? Think twice !
I was wondering how it is to be a model. It`s very specifc work i think that you will all agree. It`s not work in the office when you need to think but there you work with your body. It doesn`t matter if you are clever or stupid it only matters if your body is great. Last time i was reading what models think about their jobs. And honestly i would never ever want to be a model... I know i am too short, too fat etc but even if i would be skinny NO WAY. Why ? First thing - you must be always be on diet. And not that diet that you eat everything that you want, do exercises twice in the week and it`s ok. No, you can`t eat anything that has got many callories. Cakes, chocolate ? Forget about it all. Model must be very skinny with bones. And even if you size will be 0 they would always say that you could loose some weight...they don`t care how you will loose your weight. Drugs, only water they don`t care. Lot`s of models are eating watt with water. Why watt ? Because stomach think that this is something to eat and you are not hungry anymore. I was on diet for about one week and it was just terrible. Now imagine be on diet for few years... All that stupid talk " oh i am not on any diet, i eat hamburgers and drink coke all the time are just bullsh*ts". Really, who would believe ? Another sad thing is that you travel in all over the world. You could say " yeeey that`s cool i always want to visit...." But imagine that everyday you are in different place. Today Uk tomorrow Us and the Tokio. It`s like with circus, that people are also always in travel and don`t have home. Of course some people like it but definitely not me. I like to know where i will be tomorrow. It could be very tiring. I would probably feel very lost and lonley.I also don`t like that model agencies treat their models like article. They don`t care what you think and feel. If you are too short agency send you to a "spa". It mean that you go to the hospital, they broke your legs (!!). It takes about 6 months to totally recovery. And your legs would be longer for about 2 cm... But if you fell and broke them again... You probably end on the wherlchair. Models know about it but carieer is more important for them. That`s really sad.

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