Want super soft skin?

5 years ago

This is a tip that my sister used when she was miss world, so yeah, its legit, I do remember when I was younger an interviewer asked her how did she got such a soft skin and she, being a completely honest and naive person told her secret naming the brand and everything lol she knows nothing bout business ..


So picture yourself taking a shower..done? ok, now before going out of it, dry your skin a little bit and then apply a good amount of baby oil and rub it all over your body while still in the shower, then let your skin soak it up for like 5 minutes.

Then wash your body with water and a bit of soap if you want to although its totally fine if you just use water :) and rinse it off, be sure to rinse all your body.

After that just dry yourself with a towel and proceed your daily routine. This just takes like 5 minutes and really its impressive that changes in your skin and how soft and healthy it looks, believe me, people instantly notice when they touch you and its really flattering lol.

Anyway, if you guys have another question just say so,

Source link: http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/11045977/Johnson_Johnson_Baby_Oil.html

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