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5 years ago

Jennifer Aniston is one of the hottest celebrity I adore. Not only people knows her as Rachel Karen Green from a sitcom called Friends. Ex wife of to the hottest man Brad Pitt. People knows she have these sexy toned legs people are to die for.

Jennifer legs are so freaking toned. If you want these sexy legs just mix your toning exercise with your yoga routine. For 30-60 seconds try to hold each pose for that long. Remember to repeat each set you do two times!

--- Holding chair pose - In a sitting position try to reach your arms straight above your head.

--- Thigh parallel to floor - try to do eight squats.

---- Hold crescent pose - follow with eight lunges on each side you`ll need to be in a lunge position. Reach your arms straight up and try to arch your back.

---- Hold temple pose - another routine with eight squats. Turn body feet and knees out in a squat position with your thighs parallel to the floor.

---- Hold downward dog - the rest of the routines will be done after 8 times. This time you`ll need to start with your hands & knees. To straighten you`ll need to raise both towards the house ceiling.

---- Hold cat pose - remain on the floor with your hands and knees. Try to inhale with your back being flat. Exhale when your back is round back. Repeat!

Overall, these are the best routine to get sexy legs for the Summer. I have my workout cut out for me.

1. Are you satisfy with your legs?
2. Are your legs toned?

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