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4 years ago

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Want in on a little secret? BIOTIN! Biotin is GREAT! Your skin will benefit from Biotin and your hair will be noticeably healthier and will grow much much faster and your nails will grow fast and will be much stronger and healthier looking! Some people see results within a few weeks to even a couple months or longer. If you want more info on Biotin then google it. I started using Biotin for 3 to 3 1/2 weeks now and I`ve noticed faster hair growth and stronger faster growing nails so far. I can`t see much of a difference in my facial skin cuz it`s been really cold here and my face is just dry =/ BUT I do see results on my body (skin-wise). I had dark spots due to pregnancy hormones that have been lingering EVEN after pregnancy but they are disappearing. Then again, I am not breast feeding anymore either so who knows. BEWARE that since your hair grows faster then your facial hair/leg hair might grow faster as well. I`ve read alot of complaints about it and also another factor, side effects. Biotin isn`t known for it`s side effects but everyones body reacts differently to each and every product. What I have experienced with this is that you NEED to eat a meal before taking this supplement. I ate a light breakfast one time and I felt weird so I let my body adjust for a week or so...meaning, I took a pill every other day to every two days the first week. I bought the 5k MCG`s so you might want to start light and maybe take 100 MCG`s at first but if your ballz-e like me, then by all means...go for it but don`t say i didn`t warn u. After my body adjusted the first week then I went back to taking 1 a day every morning. I then take a multi-vitamin at night. Your technically not supposed to take supplements (vitamins) in the morning because that`s when your stomach is most empty. At the end of the day when you`ve had food throughout the day in your body, then your body benefits from the vitamins and better absorption because the food and when your body is repairing at night while u are sleeping is more added benefits on top of vitamins. This is just how I do it, you can do whatever you want. Since I already have 30 mcgs of Biotin in my multi-vitamin, that`s why I take the 5k in the morning after a full meal and then I take the multi at night. You cannot overdose on biotin, your body takes what it needs and the rest comes out of your urine. Another benefit is that you can cut your multi-vitamin in half (according to Dr. Oz) and take the first half in the morn and the second half at night =)
Hope this helps.

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