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5 years ago

Drink lots of water. Its a mandate necessary for staying hydrated in the summer and for maintaining a clear, supple complexion. But as many of you who have forcibly sucked down cup after cup of tasteless H20 to meet that eight-glasses-a-day quota know, sometimes proper hydration can be a bit of a drag. Sure, there are plenty of beverage alternatives created specifically for this discerning demographic, resulting in the birth of more exciting fruit-infused waters (which weve never really gotten into; why do they all have to be so sweet?), but new research shows that you could actually be eating, rather than drinking, your way to better hydration. According to a study conducted by the University of Aberdeen medical school, water-rich fruit and vegetables like watermelon, cucumbers, and celery act like a two-in-one meal plus drink, providing your body with mineral salts, natural sugars, amino acids, and vitamins that, in combination, can help hydrate you more effectively than water or even sports drinks. So when that plate of watermelon wedges comes around at the next backyard barbeque, go ahead and have thirds. Your face will thank you.

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