Want a Free Trip to Japan? Swiss Alps?

4 years ago

Believe it or not there are companies that actually PAY you to go on vacation. Imagine that. Where would you go? The Denver company FullContact pays ALL employees $7,500 each year to go on vacation. If they don`t use that money for vacation they lose it. This is additional to the paid vacation days they get from the company. You`re not allowed to work while on vacation. That`s fine with me!!! Now my company has something similar but they don`t pay us. =( They require us to take 1 week a year in which we cannot have access to our work computers from home or blackberry access. They call it sensitive leave.

Now FullContact is hiring, so if you`re interested...


Where would I go if I had $7,500 to spend on my vacation?

Fuji Mountain area of Japan. The beautiful cherry blossoms, the snow tops of Fuji in the backdrops. The temples with their ancient architecture. What a beauty. Or how about a trip to Israel or Dubai? Or visiting the penguins of Antarctica? Or visiting the swiss alps singing the Sound of Music?
Gee, I need company with perks like that!

Talk the TALK
1) If you got a free $7,500 to spend on vacation, where would you go?
2) What kind of perks do your company give you?

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