Wanna clear up your acne? :)

For the past 4 nights, I`ve been using a remedy my friend told me about to wash/exfoliate my face...
Baking soda & water. Thats it!
What I do, is I have a little dipping bowl that I keep by my sink in my bathroom for my little home remedies (masks, scrubs, etc.) and in that bowl, I pour a little bit of baking soda, and then a couple drops of water, so that it turns into a paste. Then I GENTLY massage it into my face. After I`m done massaging it into my skin, I let it sit there for maybe 30-45 seconds and then rinse it off, and pat my face dry. Seriously, I have seen such a huge improvement in my skin, in just 4 DAYS!! My redness has gone down, the little bumps on my face have gone down and it even cured a cystic acne bump that was starting to grow. I do recommend using a moisturizer after doing this, because it could dry your skin out a bit but I love it so far and will continue to do this at night until my face clears up, then switch off to maybe every 2 days. Hope this helps some of you. xoxoxox Happy Luuuxing :)

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