Walmart Make-up Essentials Haul

4 years ago

Walmart Make-up Essentials

It seems that Walmart has become my go too place for drugstore make-up. I used to head to Shoppers which only a few minutes away from where I live, but Ive realized that they tend to have higher prices.

Walmart on the other hand is only another couple of minutes further, and is a lot more affordable. I usually save at least a couple of dollars by buying my items there.

I recently needed to stock up on some make up essentials, and took the opportunity to try out some products that arent my usual brand.

I needed some new eyelash glue, since I wanted to wear my falsies for an event recently only to discover my glue at home had separated and become all chunky since I hadnt screwed on the cap properly since my last use :(. The one I had at home was from Quo cosmetics, but this time I picked up one from Ardelle which is one that my friend normally uses.

I also needed a new foundation. I dont wear foundation too often, usually only for special occasions, and the ones I have at home are getting pretty old (at least 2 or 3 years, if not more!). I decided to chuck the old ones I had at home since they can be breeding bacteria and such at this point. To replace it, I picked up the Revlon Photoready airbrush mousse. One of my favourite beauty gurus, xsparkage had mentioned this in one of her videos when it first came out, and when I saw it, I decided to give it a shot. To go along with it, I bought a new foundation brush since again, the one at home is getting pretty old and gross :P. My sister has bought some of these SpaResource brushes in the past and likes them quite a bit, so I decided this was a great opportunity to try this one.

Last but not least, I had a coupon for any item the Maybelline MasterDrama line, and decided to try their twist up black pencil liner. I have heard this is comparable to the Stila Smudgestick and I normally use a the Covergirl Liquiline blast pencil. Both of these are especially good for the waterline, and the same hold true for the Master Drama pencil so I decided to try it out to see how it compare.

Expect a review on some of my new items as I get to test them out...

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