WalMart Haul (1.22.12)

5 years ago

Hey everyone! So I have been wanting to go to WalMart for a while and I asked my boyfriend if he knew the address for the closest one to our house. He didn`t know the actual address so he decided to take me instead. Yay! I didn`t get that much because it was kind of crowded and it was hot in the store. I just wanted to get all the stuff that I needed and get back out into the fresh air. LOL Not everything that I bought at WalMart is going to be shown here. I just bought vitamins, astringent, Kikoman soy sauce, and some floss. I am only going to be showing the vitamins and astringent.

What I bought (health & beauty items only):
<strong>Caltrate Calcium & Vitamin D</strong>
I have been looking for some Calcium vitamins that are chewables. I hate taking pills, especially large pills so its a great relief to find some in chewables. This came with 165 chewable tablets with three different flavors: cherry, orange, and fruit punch. The pills are pretty big but thats fine since they are chewables. I have tried these and have been taking them since I bought them. They aren`t that good but that`s fine. They do taste like their intended flavor but they also have that powdery residue afterwards, which water always cures. LOL I can`t remember the exact price of this but I do know that it was $14USD to $15USD.

<strong>Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent</strong>
I am so sad about this product. The cashier has put all my items in one bag and on the way home, I noticed that it has opened and spilled half of its content (as you can see from the picture, its now only half full) all over in the plastic bag. I wish that Clean & Clear had put a saftely seal around the cap or something. I am just glad that it didn`t soak into my other products. I had to clean everything up on the ride home, which was a pain because I had cuts on my fingers and lets just say, that the astringent burned like crazy! I haven`t tried out this product yet so I don`t know if it would actually do anything for my pimples.

So I hope you all like my haul. It is pretty small but I am happy about the products that I bought, except for the Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent since it opened and spilled in the bag on the way home. I am hoping that the Calcium chewables will help out because I don`t really drink milk. Plus I am getting older and I need all the Calcium that I can get. Have any of you ever tried these chewables? What do you think about Clean & Clear? Have you tried this astringent before?

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