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4 years ago

My mom and I went to Walmart one evening last week to pick up some essentials for the house and for our family.

Ive recently become a fan of couponing and I am part of a few online coupons subscriptions where you can sign up for free and every so often they send you coupons in the mail to save on certain items. I collect the coupons for items we already buy, and my mom and I will go to try to save money on these items.
We mostly bought a lot of household items (which are boring so I wont show you lol), but we also bought some health and beauty products as well.

First thing we got some some Pronamel toothpaste from Sensodyne. My mom is a dentist, so we is picky about oral health and this is her favourite toothpaste since it helps strengthen tooth enamel. Even though we already had some at home, it was on sale so she bought some more as backup. After all, every dentist should have a stockpile of dental products at home! Lol

My mom is also very careful with us about suntanning and using sunscreen. Oddly enough, everyone in my family, except my mom, burns really easily in the sun (shes the only one who tans), but she is the most wary about staying in the sun too long. We are going on a trip to LA soon, so we got some sunscreen.

Her favourite is the Banana Boat Kids formula with SPF 60. She likes the kid formula since it is better for sensitive skin, and since it has such a high SPF. Its also tear-free so i doesnt burn as badly if you happen to rub your eyes lol. I also picked up a small travel size tube of the Coppertone Sport which is my favourite sunscreen since it is waterproof. I tend to burn really easily, so this is perfect to toss in my bag and reapply during the day.

Next, I picked up BioTrue contact solution. I usually wear my glasses but I like to wear contacts in the summer so I can use my sunglasses without having to worry about eye prescription. I dont really like the prescription glasses I have seen and I prefer my thrift store glasses anyways since I dont have to worry about breaking or losing them lol. I was running low on solution at home, and needed to buy more for the trip. I dont normally use this solution, but I received a $5 dollar off coupon for it, so I decided to try it out. With the coupon it came to around 4 dollars for a 300ml bottle which is pretty good!

I also needed some 100% acetone remover. I have regular nail polish remover, but sometimes the remover leaves some flecks of polish that need acetone to go away. I picked up a bottle for me, my mom and my sister to all share.

I also ended up buying some Marcelle Eye Makeup Remover. This is probably my all time favourite make up remover, and is apparently the most popular make up remover brand in Canada. I received a coupon for 3 dollars off any of their make up removal products, and even though I still have a half bottle at home, I thought it would be good to get a back-up while it was cheaper, so I picked one up.

Another thing I need for my trip to LA is some razors. I received yet another coupon for 2 dollars off any purchase of a cartridge, and since I already have a few Venus handles at home, it was the perfect time to pick up some razor cartridges. The coupon was for the Venus Breeze, which has the shave gel bars on either end of the razor blades.

While I was at Walmart, I also decided to check out the new Maybelline Plush mascara. I saw a few of the ads and the idea of a gel mascara intrigued me, so I decided to test one out.

Lastly, I looked at some nail polish for my sister. Recently she was hoping to get the Wet and Wild mint colour that Ive been seeing everywhere, but every time we go to get it, it seems to be sold out. While I usually like brighter, bolder colours, my sister is much more into pastels. I couldnt see the polish she wanted, but I spotted a similar colour in the Maybelline Color Show0 display. I havent tried any of these Color show polishes yet, and they are fairly inexpensive (around 2 or 3 dollars for a polish), so I grabbed a minty coloured green for my sister.

We did really well, buying items we needed, while still saving some money since we used the coupons :)

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