Walking Dead Returns Tomorrow!

4 years ago

Are you excited? I am! Part two of Season Three is finally upon us as episode 9, The Suicide King airs this Sunday on AMC. Here`s a recap of the last episode, in case you`ve forgotten. Spoilers galore if you haven`t seen the last episode! Merle and his brother Daryl are reunited at last but in a fight to the death courtesy of the Governor. Michonne leads Rick and friends on a somewhat successful rescue of Maggie and Glenn. I say somewhat, as Daryl is captured and they suffer the loss of T-Dog. Over at the prison, we were introduced to new characters including a favorite in the comic book Tyreese. Now that you`re caught up, here are some of my predictions for the second half of the season. To read the rest of the post, visit... http://www.geekwithmak.com/2013/02/walking-dead-returns-march-10th.html Talk the TALK 1) Who do you think dies this season? 2) Do you think Carl will grown up to be a demented serial killer? my blog: http://www.geekwithmak.com

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