Walking Dead Mid Season Finale!

3 years ago

Okay so Idk how many people watch the walking dead out there (maybe like 40 million or more!) lol, but Sunday night this week was very emotional for me with this episode, as I know the same goes for many of you..I loved Hershal. He was one of my favorites. I never expected the Governor to do that, I expected him to kill Michonne before anyone else because she `killed` his already dead daughter. The way he killed Hershal, we all know Hershal was one of the most amazing characters and he didn`t deserve to die off the way he did..RipHershal Another thing that erked me was the way the Governor took Megans death...he didn`t even look at her, He just went from chopping Hershal`s head off to picking her up and shooting her in the head. and the mom just stood there, Like why would you continue walking up to a dude that is currently stabbing a man to death? anyways, I`m SOOO fucking HAPPY that michonne saved Rick and stabbed the governor and left him to suffer. but I`m even more happy that Maggie got to blow his brains out! because he would have either gotten one of his people to save him and still been alive when the season continues in february or he would have happily been eaten alive by walkers. Either way, He`s gone!! Finally. PeaceOutGirlScout now what I`m most confused about and thinking really hard about is when Rick and Carl had that moment when they seen the carseat of Judith`s covered in blood, and Judith gone, Is she DEAD? Did someone take her? Is she still alive and well? I would be very disappointed in the producers if they killed the baby off, but we`ll see in February, Idk about any of you, but this was one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the walking dead for me. The others were When Dale died, when Lori died and when they found Carols daughter. Man oh man. PLEASE if you love the walking dead as much as I do, comment below and tell me what you thought of that mid season finale!

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