Walking Dead #100 SOMEONE DIES!

4 years ago


Walking Dead #100 just came out this week and it`s a dozy. Why? My favorite character in the series dies! Yes a main character. Keep in mind that the events of this issue is far far in the future. So if you`re watching the TV series, read no further and just skip down and comment and like below! LOL

So who dies???

SPOILER ALERT!!! Last Warning!!!



They killed the Asian Guy! Glenn! This his body lying there in the image. =( Let`s take a moment to pay some respect to him okay???

What happened? The group comes across a community that is abundant in everything but they have nothing to trade for. Being the badasses they are, they decide to offer protection to this new community against a man and his group that has been extorting them. But guess what? This man and his group is like a freaking army. Like 100 deep and all have been apparently doing this for awhile. So the group ambushes Rick and a few of them and uses Glenn as an example. Earlier in the previous issue, Rick and the group was able to kill a few of them. Thus having to make an example.



Talk the TALK
1) Who`s your favorite character on the series Walking Dead?
2) How do you think the series will eventually end?

Source of image is myself from snapshot of issue. Book is by Image Comics.

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