Walk While You Text App

5 years ago

This app is pretty genius. And it`s cheap, too, `cause it`s only 99 cents. How many times have you seen people texting and they have no idea where they`re going or who they are bumping into? Yeah, that gets annoying. Well, now there`s an app for that.

This app is called <strong>Type n Walk</strong> and it advertises itself to be "the smarter way to type while walking". It uses your iPhone`s built-in camera to let you see where you are going while you are staring at your phone. Ingenious!

I hate it when people are too buried into their phones to notice when they are about to bump into you. It`s annoying and I just want to slap their phones out of their hands. Okay, okay, I admit I am guilty of doing this from time to time, too. >__< Sounds like such a useful app, but I would prefer not to spend 99 cents on it anyway because I don`t think I walk and text too often.

Source link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/type-n-walk/id331043123

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