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2 years ago

Walk A Day In My Shoes...Style amp Co Grey Suede Boots!

It seems as if there are tons and tons of different types of boots to wear for the winter.....We have our fabulous Ugg boots, which I swear I will wear until they fall apart....Our fabulous knee high boots, fancy boots, flat boots, heel boots, and of course ankle boots, or boots that go about mid calf.....

I swear its as if we have every kind for any occasion....And we totally do!!! No matter what the occasion it seems as if we could always use a different type of shoe or boot.....ANd in this case, its those fun a little above the ankle boots!!..And these fun little grey boots are really perfect for any occasion...Wear them casual or fancy, they really can go either way!

These Style & Co, boots are the perfect boot to wear for really any occasion....These fun suede boots are in a light grey color, with almost a hint of ivory it seems....They have fabulous detailing to them...With the beautiful stitching on the boots, as well as the detailing with the stitching...The stitching is of a lighter grey, which kind of goes in a curvy manner all over the boot....There is a fabulous bold button on the outer side of the boots, which is a bold statement...The button has on it a beautiful strap which goes across the boot.....The heel is about 2 inches, which is amazing! The front of the boots are roundish, and these boots go a little over your ankle....

Wear them with jeans, a skirt, black pants, black jeans, a dress, leggins, or with tights and a long sweater dress!!

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What do you think of these boots? How would you wear them?

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