Walgreens Tea Tree Oil Review

4 years ago

I bought this tea tree oil at Walgreens for about $10. I got the genric brand because this was the only one on the shelf, but I`m sure they`re all the same. Its a 1 fl oz glass bottle and it seems really small, but you honestly don`t need that much.
I was really excited to use this because I read many reviews on how great tea tree oil is in general, its an all purpose thing. However, I was not aware of how bad it smells LOL. I don`t really know how to describe the scent, but its reminds me of "old ancient Chinese medicine" hahas. I have to hold my breath every time I open this bottle.

So if you`re wondering how I use it or what I use it for: its for my acne. I have a couple on my jawline and chin. I like to pour a few small drops onto my palm, then add Aloe Vera gel and just mix it all together. You can use a cotton swab or pad to apply, but I just my fingers. I did notice some results, which is awesome. My pimple didn`t vanish completely , but it definitely downsized halfway. This is just a good extra step to add into your skincare routine.

Overall, its a great item to have at home. You can use it for many things, including pimples. The only negative thing about this, is the horrible smell. I know there isn`t really anything you can do about it because its `natural` but as long as theres results, I`m fine with it.

Have you guys ever tried tea tree oil? How was it for you?
What do you use it for, other than your face?

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