Walgreens Sale: Wet n Wild 3 Nail Polishes for $2.99 amp 2 Lindt Chocolates for $7

This was fate. I love sales, deals, kits that save you money compared to if you buy products individually. I really only wanted to walk into Walgreen`s after work to buy some candy and get cash back and get quarters to do laundry. That was the plan.
Until I saw this..3 Wet n Wild Polishes for $2.99 You save $2.01 or about 40%.
I believe each of these packages comes with the Fast Dry Nail Color in Party of Five Glitters (center) and a Wild Shine in Clear (right), and one of the Mega Last Salon Nail Colors. The one shown above is in On a Trip (left). I believe I also saw I Need a Refresh-Mint, Sugar Coat, I Red a Good Book, Wet Cement, and maybe some others.

In my opinion, this is kind of gimmicky, because there are plenty of other top coats out there, probably more accredited than the the Wild Shine clear coat, if not better quality. I feel like I probably will not get a lot of use out of the clear polish, and it will end up causing me more trouble/clutter than good.
Also, the Party of Five Glitters is fun, but I doubt most people would wear this often. It is pretty, but glitter is a little too festive for everyday wear and difficult to remove to bother using all that often. So, I think they packaged it for 40% off with one of the Mega Last colors to make the whole thing more desirable and help deplete inventory that would otherwise just sit there. Good job, Walgreens. Well played. Besides, who doesn`t love a good deal?

Now, that I brought it home, I feel like I really don`t need it. I do like the purple On a Trip, but I have a few purple nail polishes already. Nothing close to this shade, but still...I do feel a little guilty for jumping on a good deal when I didn`t stop to consider what I already have...so, I don`t know...return? Giveaway? Is anyone interested?

I also picked up 2 bags of Lindt chocolates that were 2 for $7.00 in Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut. I`d insert a picture, but I already ate some and I left them in the living room, so I`m pretty sure the boyfriend is digging into them.
Yummy in my mouth...yummy in my tummy...yummy in my belly... I`m such a dork...=]

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