Walgreens Haul (Feat. Ardel Lashes)

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Oh my goodness! I am so happy with this haul. Today, I had to go to Walgreens because I had some RRs that were going to expire. I didn`t know what to get and didn`t really see any of the new displays that I spotted at this Walgreens store so I decided to hit up the clearance area like aways. LOL This time I freaken hit the jack pot. They had a cart full of stuff that were all under $1 each. I of course had to dig through everything because I love buying stuff at such great deals. While moving some stuff around, I saw a bunch of Ardell lashes. Even better I saw these for regular price a few weeks ago. These lashes were for the Special Occasion display where these lashes are mostly meant for weddings. I am not getting married anytime soon or know anyone getting married but these lashes look really pretty. If you didn`t know already, these lashes were part of the
Special Occasion Collection that came out maybe one to two months ago. Plus I never tried Ardell lashes before so I had to get them. I end up getting pretty much all of them because they were only $0.85USD each. Now that is definitely a crazy deal. When I went up to the register to pay for my items, the cashier told me to make sure to some back again in the next few days because they had more of the Ardell lashes that were going to be on clearance. They were going to put them out all at the same time but they haven`t had enough time to go through everything yet. I of course, told him that I am definitely coming back for me. So definitely expect more of these lashes in the next few days haul. For right now, the lash styles that I was able to get were: Amore (X2) Dazzle The style that I definitely can`t wait to try are the Amore ones. I love how its all flared out and girly. I really think these lashes would be great for brides because of how full they look. Hopefully the next time I go, they will have more of the Amore designs and a bunch more on clearace. What do you guys think? Have you tried these lashes yet and which styles would you be wanting to try? Definitely let me know if you tried these lashes before and what you think of them! ==================================================================
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