Wake up!!!

5 years ago

this week was, simply put, terrible! i woke up every morning feeling super groggy and tired. i don`t know what it was but it just wasn`t my week! i guess we all have times like that when your alarm goes off in the morning and you just don`t want to get out of bed.

one of the things sustaining me this week was a beloved medium nonfat sugar-free vanilla latte from peet`s. i had this stuff everyday from tuesday through today. it`s ~100 calories (YES! not at all taxing on my attempts at dietary control) and still delicious and keeps me awake.

for instance, i had to watch an hour long video in the dark for my geography class today. (geography isn`t the most interesting subject and especially not in the dark.) i had this latte two hours beforehands and MAN i sat through the whole thing without feeling the least bit tired! i did yawn a few times though, i admit. it was an hour long video for geography. i can`t help it!

recommendations for coffee and espresso beverages?

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