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1 year ago

Long time no post! My life has been a bit crazy over the summer understandably. Ive been spending my weekends doing day trips and my weekdays working.. But since work is starting to slow down at the moment Im hoping to get back into blogging..and youtube! Ill prob have a summer makeup haul up by the end of the week (:
Soo.. whats up with the categories for this site.. they used to have a fitness one which is more appropriate than `fashion` but oh well.
I have started waist training about a month and a half ish or so ago. I recently just uploaded my getting started vlog because well.. Ive had 0 time to film or edit. But it was filmed a bit ago...
I can kind of tell you my experience from the beginning.. to be fair it is like 4:30 am right now so Im gonna try and get through this as quickly as possible so I can get some much deserved zzzz`s

Week one: I started off on the third set of hooks.. it fit me perfectly. I picked up a thermal steel boned waist trainer in size small. it was a little snug at first and kind of weird getting used to it. I wore it for 2 hour increments about 4 hours a day or so. . I recently got my belly button pierced so it concerned me a little bit since you`re not supposed to wear anything tight. I did notice a little irritation.. similar to when I work out and what not ..so no surprise there. I would recommend wearing it over clothes like whats shown in the pic.. over a tank or workout clothes if you have your belly button pierced.. because the last thing you want is to get it caught in one of the hooks..ouchie.

Week 2: I moved on to the 2nd (middle row) set of hooks. I noticed a bit of a difference my posture was so much better and I wore it for about 6 hours a day.

Week 3 +++: I moved onto the final set of hooks which is where I am now... Im hoping its because my waist is actually getting smaller..not the corset itself stretching LOL I do need to get another one.. prob in an XS next time around because the `bones` are coming out which is annoying .. I could fix it by sewing the edges but might as well take this opportunity and pick up a smaller one. I haven`t been consistent with it.. like I said I`ve been busy..but I only wear it on workdays pretty much..work days and when I work out/run... I notice such a huge difference when I go on long runs/do cardio at the gym.. I sweat sooooo much on my midsection and back! (:
my work shifts are between 4-12 hours usually on a typical day 8... so I wear it for about 9 hours... and some days I have to take a break in between cause my belly button piercing doesn`t really like it ): otherwise Id prob wear it all day err day! (:
Imma do another vlog soon to document my progress prob when I get my new waist trainer in the mail. this was purchased on ebay.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lZhZSKf83Q

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