Wah - Wah - Broken iPhone

4 years ago

So I was walking in a parking lot towards my building when I pull out my phone and badge because I usually put them right on my desk when I walk back into the office. While pulling them out of my purse, the iPhone dropped face down on the concrete parking lot! I have dropped my phone a couple times, but always in my living room onto a carpet when I am half asleep in the morning. I am much more careful when on hard surfaces. It just happened to be the way I grabbed it and probably the fact that I was pulling 2 things out of my purse which made me clumsy. Anyway, I reach down to take a look at the damage and am so upset that there is a huge crack along the top. On the upside, it doesn`t affect the main part of the screen so I can still use it until I get it fixed. And my husband knows how to fix broken screens himself, so the only cost to fix was a $30 replacement screen off ebay. Still it is something that will have to be disclosed when the time comes to sell it and that might lower its value, but at least it still functions and it was only the screen that broke. It makes me wish phones were more durable. People rely on them so much these days, that a non-breakable phone is becoming something that should be looked into, don`t you think?

Have you ever broken your phone screen? Do you think they should be more durable?

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