Wabora Restaurant`s Beef Bulgogi

2 years ago

Hey luuuxers,

A few friends and I decided to get together for dinner this week. Sometimes when we don`t get to see each other, we like to plan simple excuses to get together.

A few of us had heard of Wabora Japanese restaurant downtown, so we planned an evening to go try it out! :)

They had a great menu with plenty of `classic` items you would expect like gyoza, and sushi but the menu seemed to have an extensive East Asian inspired menu. There was kalbi, general tso`s chicken and other Korean and Chinese dishes as well.

I ended up choosing their steak Bulgogi, which is a Korean dish with thinly sliced and marinated beef that is typically grilled and served on a cast iron or stone plate or bowl. They also come with a variety of vegetables as well.

This dish was beautifully presented, with the beef mixed with red bell pepper and Brocolli, served on a bed of grilled onion and mushroom. It was also topped with one of my favourite Asian ingredients, enoki mushrooms. And as great and full as this dish looks, it was also served with a side of rice (I chose brown rice) and some lettuce cups, as well as pickled ginger. The idea is to create little lettuce wraps with the Bulgogi, which helps cuut through the rich and intense flavour with some freshness.

It was absolutely delicious - and very filling. I was struggling to finish at the end but I didn`t want to stop because it was so good lol. By the end, I was stuffed!

The staff was also excellent - we accidentally ordered too many dumplings for appetizers. We thought we ordered 5 individuals dumplings, since only a few people wanted them, but they accidentally brought us 5 plates of dumplings! They were kind enough to realize the mistake, and didn`t even charge us for them, even though we did end up sharing them all amongst our large group! And besides that, they even went out of their way to serve us. One of the girls was hoping to get a small salad as an appetizer, but they only had full size salads. But the waitress brought out a smaller salad for her anyways, and also didn`t charge us for it! They were super helpful and pateint with our large group.

So while the location doesn`t exactly make it a place I would regularly visit, I would definitely go back. Great food, great service, and great company made for a great night! :)


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