Voyager 1 celebrates 35 years in space.

4 years ago

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How`s this for endurance!? Today marks the 35th year since the launch of Voyager 1. The Space Probe was launched on August 20th, 1977 and became the very 1st man-made object ever to visit all the outer planets! Today it`s nearing the very edges of our solar system and some say within a couple of years it could truly be in interstellar space. The 1st man-made object ever to do so. Believe it or not both of the Voyager Space Probes are still alive and still sending signals back to earth letting up know their exact location. The Probes sent us pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune that had never been possible before and gave us information about those planets that is still being studied today! Most NASA experts say that both Probes have at least another 8-12 years of good battery life left and could possibly be extended a little further with minimal power usage. So here`s to 35 years of discovery and traveling and may we wish the Voyager probes many more years of successful discoveries!

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