Vouge bans underweight, unhealthy, and underage models

4 years ago

All the editors of Vouge (there are 19 editions, for different countries) agreed to ban underage (under 16 years old), unhealthy, and underweight models!

I think this is a great step. Since they are such a big name in the fashion and entertainment industry, I really like that they are taking a stance against the heavily distorted view of "beauty" that has overtaken the world and move back towards a natural, inner beauty. Although, they acknowledge this could become a controversial matter (who determines what a "proper" diet plan is?), I like that they are make a stance. Obviously, everyone`s body types are different so everyone will use a different diet... But, there is a CLEAR difference between not eating anything, and eating healthy. Moreover, I like that they are capping the age at 16. I still think 16 is pretty young (it`s not even "legal" age in the US - 18 years old), but I understand their reasoning and am really for it - the modelling industry is very cut throat so they don`t want children to be exposed to this kind of environment (similar to the dilemma of child actor(esse)s).

Also, an interesting thing I read in this article... The Australian version of Vouge actually photoshops runway pictures to ADD weight! I, seriously, have never heard of anyone ADDING weight to pictures, just removing o.o so interesting! As the editor of Vouge says, "it begs the question, why are they so thin in the first place?" Crazy, right? I thought it was crazy. haha.

What do you think about Vouge`s decision? Also, did you know Australian Vouge ADDS weight to their models?

Source link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-05-04/vogue-bans-under-16-models/3990762

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