Vogue Hates Kim Kardashian

4 years ago

There was a very glamorous event held at the Met Gala in New York City Monday. Many A-listers were there, including Kim`s new boyfriend Kanye West, but Kim was not walking down the red carpet with him.<strong> Apparently, Kim was NOT invited</strong>. In fact, Anna Wintour, <em>Vogue</em>`s editor, hates Kim and doesn`t believe that Kim belongs at an event full of the world`s hottest stars because she is not one. <strong>Major diss.</strong>

Kim was spotted running around Los Angeles the day of the event. It`s probably just an excuse to make it seem as if she was too busy to attend, but now we all know the truth. Kim K. was banned from the event. For $25,000 a ticket, Kim K. couldn`t even buy her way in. And as long as Anna Wintour is in charge of <em>Vogue</em>, Kim will never appear on the cover. Kiss that dream goodbye, Kimmy.

I think it`s kind of exhilarating to hear of a big name like Anna Wintour hate Kim K. and to find the need to ban Kim from the event all together. I guess Wintour isn`t the only one getting tired of Kim`s constant need to be the center of attention. And really, she didn`t earn her fame except for a release of a very scandalous tape with then-boyfriend Ray J. Celebrities like her bug me. They did nothing to earn the fame or money. But hey, can`t deny that I enjoy watching her drama-filled show. It`s a guilty pleasure and I am quite ashamed to say that.

Source link: http://www.vh1.com/celebrity/2012-05-09/kim-kardashian-will-never-set-foot-in-the-met-gala-or-on-a-vogue-cover-thanks-to-anna-wi

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