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4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

I really wanted to share with you some of the pictures from the Vogue magazine I just received (French edition).

I just love the make up and the wild look of this edition, it is a wonderful and amazing work that the artist(s) achieved!

I have not read the magazine yet (lol) I`d rather wait until I am bored in the train ;) but the subjects seem interesting as well...

I had read a few critics about this cover from you (American girls) and honestly, as I told the ladies, I completely disagree. The subject is beach, wildness, leather and python pattern so of course her make up is going to be matching! The contrary would be suspect... lmao

So yeah! I guess I said pretty much all I wanted to say ^^`
Please feel free to comment and tell your opinion, even if you don`t like it, I`m not the director of Vogue, I don`t mind if you don`t like it, I don`t care at all.
It`s just that the girls who commented on this look were like "OMG French girls have lost their mind!"
Hello! It is just a cover! I have never seen any girl rocking such a look in the streets and even if she did, it would not be my business ;)

So keep it cool, it is just make up and it is made to be fun and artistic and, in my opinion, it`s a win...

Thanks for reading and have a great one everybody =)

*Pictures are mine, I took them from my Vogue magazine, june-july edition, please do not take them without my permission*

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