Vodka Whipped Hot Chocolate: How To!

2 years ago

*Warning: Post is meant for those who are of legal drinking age.* With the weather getting colder and colder (and the crazy amount of snow we`re getting), I decided that I was in great need of some hot chocolate! I was originally going to drink just regular hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles but sadly I didn`t have any whipped cream. So I thought I`d spice things up a bit and substitute the whipped cream with vodka flavoured whipped cream. If you want a fun kick to your drink, then check out the instructions below!

How To Make Vodka Whipped Hot Chocolate:

Ingredients Needed:
-Hot Chocolate Powder. I used Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate Rich And Creamy.
-Any brand that makes vodka flavoured whipped cream. I used Pinnacle Whipped.
-Hot water or hot milk.
-A cup or mug.

1) Boil some hot water or heat up some milk. I like my hot chocolate to be half milk and half water so I heated both.
2) Once the milk or water is hot, add hot chocolate powered to a cup or mug. Add equal proportions of powder and milk/water according to the directions depending on your cup size and mix.
3) Add the vodka flavoured whipped cream. (The amount you add depends on your cup size i.e. how much hot chocolate you have or how strong your want your drink to taste.) I added half a shot to mine.
4) Optional: If you`re lucky and have whipped cream and sprinkles, feel free to add them!
5) Sip, sip and enjoy!

Overall, it tastes pretty good since the vodka has a strong whipped cream taste and doesn`t really taste like alcohol which is what I like, since I`m not a major drinker.

What`s your favourite hot drink?

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