Viva La Juicy! I Got My 1st Luuux Order!

5 years ago

When I came home today I had a package waiting for me!! It was my Viva La Juicy perfume that I ordered from Luuux! I couldn`t believe it, I was so happy! I actually came home from college this weekend in part to pick it up (my Mom called me earlier in the week to tell me I had a package - I had to explain to her what it was and everything, lol. She was really excited, too!). It`s way better than I imagined! :D

As soon as I opened the box it was all shipped in, I was blown away by how big the Viva La Juicy box was. WAY bigger than I expected, lol. And it was so heavy! I opened it and was shocked by how large the perfume bottle was, too! In the one picture I put it next to a full-size Bath & Body Works lotion for comparison and you can really tell how large it is. It`s awesome!

The process for ordering my Viva La Juicy went really smoothly, even considering that I had over 1,500 posts that Luuux had to go through and check and audit and whatnot, lol. I placed my order on January 6th and it was processed until the 16th, when it was completed and shipped out to me! The perfume came by way of I was hoping to get a cute little message from Luuux, but I guess since they had a third party ship it, they couldn`t do that. Either way, I`m very happy to have my perfume!

I`m overly excited about receiving my first Luuux order! The perfume is much larger than I expected it to be and it smells great! I can`t wait to place another order soon. I`m still trying for the LV bag! :)

<strong>*Images are my own!*</strong>

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