Vitamin C to the Rescue!

4 years ago

Not long ago I went on an unsuccessful expedition to hunt for the best vitamin C serum. I found nothing but big price tags $$$. Serums as compared to lotions are generally pricier due to them being more concentrated and containing considerably less of the "extra" ingredients.

Cutting to the chase, I found a product which has proved to be one of my best skincare purchases as of yet!--I am talking about the Vitamin C serum by the bran 40 Carrots.

This stuff is amazeballs! Like seriously! I don`t have acne-prone skin, but I do get the monthly hormonal breakouts; therefore, I do suffer from discoloration or dark spots from time to time. The spots have become much lighter and my complexion much clearer due to regular use of this serum.

So here is what it`s all about:
It`s a very light-weight serum and doesn`t feel greasy at all! It has a very light orangey smell, but fear not, because I have never liked the smell of orange. This smell is very faint imo and disappears completely soon after application.

Another great thing about this serum is it`s easy and quick absorption into the skin. I usually take 3 pumps (Yes, yet another good thing about it is that it comes in a bottle that has a pump thus its mess-free and efficient at dispensing product) and spread that amount all over my face. I hardly even have to do the circular motion rubbing, (like with some other serums or lotions) because it`s absorbed into the skin that fast!

An alternative method of application would be to add it to your favorite lotion. Since it doesn`t make you look greasy, you can easily wear it under your makeup as well, which I have done successfully so many times!

Moral of the story, if you are out and about looking for a good serum at an affordable price, definitely check out the 40 Carrots brand of it!

PS: I found mine at Shoppers (a Canadian store), but I have heard from friends that they have seen it at TJ Maxx in the US and I would also check out CVS or Walgreens since they do most of the time carry the 40 Carrots brand.

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