Vitamin C - Miracle?

4 years ago

Studies show chemotherapy patients have a 75% fail rate while those given intravenous vitamin c as treatment for cancer have a 50% success rate. Not only that, having an iv with vitamin c does
absolutely no damage to healthy cells, but is lethal to cancer.
The video attached is a small exert from the documentary entitled "Food Matters". The documentary itself is shocking; explaining the alternative curea and methods of healing, most of which are far
more effective than pharmaceutical medicine, not to mention cheaper. So why in this high tech society do we rely on ineffective and expensive medicines when there is an easier, healthier better way?
This question might best be answered by the FDA who outlawed intravenous vitamin c for use of healing illness in hospitals. Why? they believe against all nutritional knowledge that vitamin c may cause
harmful effects, such as kidney stones (for example) and may be lethal to humans, despite less than one death per year from vitamins and a total of 0 cases of kidney stones directly linked to vitamin
c. Personally, I think they`very got something to hide, Like, I dont know, the billions of dollars that are pouring in from prescribing people drugs they don`t even need. You can cure almost any
illness, look better, feel better, and save money by seeking proper nutrition. If you don`t believe me, just ask Charolette Gerson, a nutritional healer who has written many books on the subject, and opened many institutes of healing where she STILL uses nutritional medicine to heal people of various diseases.

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