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5 years ago

Hi everyone...This is just my experience about Venice and the pictures are taken from my camera. I do not know much about Venice history but it is a city made out of 117 islands. It is a car-free city where you travel by boats. We stayed in a small town, Padua and drove to Venice and parked our car and took the boat. We went to San Marco, Rialto, a beach (I can`t recall the island name, but if I remember later I`ll add it). Alright so the there were 2 lines for the boat ride: #1 was slower and stopped at every island and # 2 was faster and skipped to the big ones. We went to San Marco and it was most crowded and biggest from what I saw. There was cathedral and I believe museum and it is huge shopping spot. Alleys of shopping with all kinds of brands and goodies. You had one alley for clothing, next for masks, another for jewelry, glass art, lamps/chandelier, etc. Between two sides there were water and you walk over a small bridge. Then we went to the beach island and was surprised because after leaving the boat, you enter a typical road and streets and couple of cars driving by. There was no water around like other islands we saw on the way. There was a pretty big beach and the weather was just great. We went back to San Marco after a bit and walked more. Lastly, we took gondolas...they are tiny canoe like boats which is driven by a licensed man in black and white tee, hat, and black pants like uniform. Each canoe can fit 6 people and the duration varies. For short ride, we paid 60 Euros and they said it would be roughly 20 minutes (I think we came back around 15 minutes). 30-45 minutes would be 80 Euros. You can try to bargain, we did but everyone was giving the same price. Also, the duration depend on how the traffic is. Anyways, I really did not want to go and spend that much money for a 20 minutes ride but my husband insisted that since we came there we should experience it. Until then I did not find the romance in Venice (the way I heard about it). It was definitely beautiful seeing the houses between the sea but I didn`t know what was so magical and felt bad for not finding the place so romantic. When we took the gondola and went between the buildings in it and underneath the bridge....not only it was relaxing (because it moves very slowly) but also bit romantic.

Now, there are other islands with different specialty like one island makes glass products (mosaics, chandelier, lamps, ets.), leather products, masks (by the way they were beautiful in the shop of San Marco) but we didn`t have time or energy to go through them so we skipped them sadly. Overall, it was a great can it not?

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