Visiting New York for the First Time!

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I just finished our spring semester (woohoo) and we are celebrating with a road trip to New York! This is my first time going, so I`m really, really excited. I know. What have I been doing with my life that I`ve never been to New York? I`m just a boring person. :c I`ve moved around a lot, so when I do have vacation time I usually spend it visiting family.

There are a ton of places I hope to get to see, so hopefully it will happen.

<strong>CENTRAL PARK</STRONG>: My boyfriend actually said he won`t be taking me to Central Park. :c It looks nice in movies, though!

<strong>EMPIRE STATE BUILDING</strong>: Why not be a typical tourist and visit one of the most tourist-y places? It is my first trip out there, so I might as well take advantage of it. I know it`s a super long wait, but hey, how many times will I get to visit? The best times to visit are at 8:30 am and lunch or dinner times Monday through Wednesday. Unfortunately I don`t have that option, so I am prepared for a long and expensive wait.

<strong>GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL</strong>: Another staple in movies! If you can`t tell, everything I know about New York has been from movies.

<strong>TIMES SQUARE</strong>: This is probably the main place I am looking forward to see because there is NINTENDO WORLD. Eep. I`m so excited to see it because I love Nintendo. I`m hoping there are Pokemon stuff there.

It`s going to be a long drive. We`re actually heading out in less than two hours. I should be sleeping, but there is so much packing to do!

I hope I get to try some soup dumplings! ._. So excited. Any suggestions about other places I should visit while I`m there?

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