Visiting Lisa`s Stomping Grounds in NOLA

5 years ago

Here are a bunch of pictures that I`ll like to share on my recent trip to New Orleans. My reason for visiting NOLA was threefold. One to attend a comic book convention down there. Two to site see and experience some really good food. And three to meet some great fellow Luuuxers. Mission Accomplished! Pic 1: This is a pic from Bourbon Street which is well known for Madi Gras. There are a lot of restaurants and Gentlemen Clubs like this one. Pic 2: This is the typical building in the French Quarters. Even though it`s in the French Quarters the buildings there are actually of Spanish design. The reason is because while the French owned NOLA for a longer time, it was when the Spaniards owned NOLA that there were two big fires and the Spaniards rebuilt the buildings in their style. (I learned this from a tour guide. LOL) Pic 3: Is the St Louis cementary #3 which I visited on a bus tour. I learned that most of the coffins and burials are done above ground because if the bodies was put in the ground the bodies would FLOAT up to the surface during heavy rain. YIKES! Pic 4 & 5: Is a little place called Musical Legends Park. It`s full of statues of famous New Orleans musicians. As well they have a bar and Beignet restaurant with LIVE music every evening! Pics 6, 7, 8: This is from the French Market which is a really cool place to get fresh fruits, souvenairs and knick knacks as well as local artist stuff. Pic 7 is of Joan of Arc which the Tour Guide explained had nothing to do with New Orleans but was just a gift from the French. Okay.... Pic 9: Is the St. Louis Cathedral. It`s very beautiful. There`s a large garden in front of it and in front of that there are horse carriages waiting to give tourists rides. Also in front of the Cathedral while I was there was a Jazz band playing. =) Pic 10: This wasn`t the Jazz band playing but a blues band playing on Royal Street. Royal Street is full of galleries and every few blocks you would see bands playing for money on the streets. A lot of them dress up as hobos (or maybe they are) and with really cool names. =) Pic 11: This was on our way to the Riverwalk with Marlene D and Marie Lisa. If you don`t recognize the art it`s a shame! He`s the father of kinetic art and has sculptures all over the world including the Holocaust Museum in New York City, Yaacov Agam! Pic 12: Last but not least is a pic of the girls on the street car tracks waiting to get run over. LOL j/k We`re at the Riverwalk entrance which is basically a shopping complex by the water and right where the cruise ships leave from. Sorry for the terribly pixelated dark pictures. The pics are from my cellphone which doesn`t take good pictures with low lighting and that was about sunset. Pictures are all mines. Talk the TALK 1) Have you ever visited New Orleans before? If so, what did you enjoy there? 2) Have you ever met up with fellow Luuuxers you`ve never met before? Thanks again to my gracious hosts who didn`t know much about New Orleans funny enough. =P /member/marlene-dinh and /member/JadoreMarieLisa

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