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3 years ago

Last week, I received my 2nd ever voxbox from influenster! My first voxbox was the something blue box that I got in June. As I mentioned before, I am pretty inactive on the site so getting chosen for a box always surprises me quite a bit! I was originally emailed about the Varsity Voxbox, but after answering the questions, I was paired up with this box instead. I do think that this box is a better fit for me because I really liked all the items that I got! This box was a bit more emptier than my previous one, but it`s okay because it`s what`s inside that matters. I think I will be putting all these items to good use!
The voxbox that I received this time is called the Violet Voxbox and was inspired by `this season`s dark, moody florals and is for the beauty queens of Influenster nation.` (How cute is that?!) This box was a bit more emptier than my previous one, but all the products are useful to me so that is okay!
In my box, I got 4 items-
1. Goody Athletique Headband- this headband provides hold and comfort when you workout. This is perfect for me since I love running.
2. Sally Hansen New Triple Shine Nail Color- This nailpolish is strong against water and wear and can shine for a long time! This is perfect for me because I love painting my nails!
3. Soyjoy- is an all natural gluten free snack made with non-GMO soybeans and real fruit pieces. I am always on the go and a granola bar makes snacking easy!
4.Goody Quikstyle- this hairbrush lets you go from wet hair to beautifully styled hair faster than ever! The bristles on the brush remove water as you style.... This product just sounds awesome!

The first item that I tried was the Goody Athletique Headband. I am a runner and I love to work out so this headband is a perfect fit for me. I usually don`t put my hair up because it never stays up so I just got use to having it bob around in my face while I run hehe. After testing this out, I would say that this product doesn`t disappoint. It is ouchless and keeps my hair out of my face. I do love it a lot, but I think I might be too used to having my hair in my face when running! I feel naked without it, but this product does do what it claims! I think I`ll try using this when I dance! =)

The second item that I received in my box is from sally hansen`s new line. It`s the triple shine nail polish. I got the polish in the color flame on. It`s a super bright color and upon testing it on my nails, I realized that they were not lying about it being shiny! With just two coats, this polish looks as if it had a shiny top coat on! I`m not sure about how good this polish is against chips, but the shine lasts for a long time. So if you are someone who uses their hands a lot during the day, then this polish is for you! I am one of those types of people because I find my nail polish to chip after the 2nd or 3rd day even with a good top coat!

The next item I got is a bar from soyjoy in the flavor banana. I have tried soyjoy before and too be honest, they weren`t my favorite granola bars. I tried to be open minded with this bar, but I sadly still don`t like it that much. I think the thing about this bar that I hate is the dryness of it. It`s made from soybeans and it doesn`t have much moisture to it. It`s quite dense and somewhat hard. I think it might have tasted better if I had tried microwaving it for a while before eating. The smell of this granola bar is great however, it`s just not for me.

This brush is definitely the most interesting thing that I received. It`s a hairbrush that promises to remove water from you hair as you brush with it so that your hair dries 30% faster. At first, I was under the impression that this hairbrush actually dries your hair!! How cool would that be? hehe, but it doesn`t. It just speeds the process up. The bristles of this brush are made with microfibers that absorb the water in your hair. This brush does work in making your hair dry faster, but it is not a miracle worker. I would also not recommend this product to anyone who has thicker, curly type hair because your hair will easily become a tangled mess with this brush! I liked it and it does help hair dry faster, I just wouldn`t expect your hair to be dried with just this brush!

This is the end of my Influenster Violet Voxbox review. This box was a lot emptier than my previous ones,but I do feel like the items inside this box matched me more. Overall, I would say that the box was okay. I would give it a 7 out of 10! The items that I really liked from the box was the headband and the nail polish! The hairbrush was okay and I couldn`t care too much for soyjoy personally. =)

*I received these product complimentay from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are mine. If you would like to try out the site for yourself, I can give you guys an invite! =)*

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