Vintage Hanging Flower Vases!

2 years ago

I like to be crafty when it comes to home decor and, for fall and winter, I had Anthropologie-inspired hanging pinecones in my apartment. Since it`s almost summer now, I figured it was high time to switch out the pinecones for something different. I wanted something bright, yet sort of vintage/classic/chic. So I decided to try some vintage hanging flower vases! :)

Keep reading to find out how I made mine!

-Vintage vases or glass bottles/jars
-Fake flowers
-Push pins


1. Find Your Vases
Since I knew I wanted a vintage feel for the vases for my hanging flowers, I decided to hit a thrift store to see what I could find. I was aiming for old milk bottles and managed to find two! But I needed three more glass vases/bottles for the look I was going for, so I picked up three other vintage bottles to off-set the two milk bottles (see picture number 2!). This way, they looked similar enough to be together while still looking different enough, too.

2. Wash The Vases
Particularly if you find your vases/bottles at a thrift store like I did, you will want to wash them thoroughly! A couple of mine actually had some mold in them and a couple were discolored on the inside. I soaked them in hot soapy water for awhile and then got to work scrubbing away.

3. Pick and Arrange Your Flowers
The flowers are super important because they set the `tone` for your look. I wanted baby`s breath but couldn`t find any fake or dried ones at the stores I checked, so I opted for some pink roses, purple geraniums, and some white and yellow flowers for a mixture of color (see picture 3). I then decided which flowers would go into which vases/bottles and lines them up in order to organize them (see picture 4).

4. Tie Twine Around The Vases
To make your vases hang, tie twine around them (see picture 5). Twine is nice because it`s sturdy and had that rustic-vintage feel to it. I secured the twine with a double square knot, just to make sure the twine didn`t slip off (because broken glass is never fun!). See picture 6 to see how I tied it!

5. Determine Height/Length and Hang
Depending on the where you are displaying your vases, you`ll want to measure out how far from the ceiling you want them to hang. I wanted mine to hang in alternating lengths, so some of mine are longer and shorter than others. I secured them into the ceiling by pushing a thumbtack (or pushpin) through the twine and into the ceiling (it`s important to note that if your vases or bottles are made from a heavy glass, a nail might be required). You can adjust the twin as needed if the knot falls to the front of the vase (rather than being hidden in the back).

Admire your beautiful hanging vases! :) See picture number 7!

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