VINTAGE BLAZER always makes your outfit look elegant !!

5 years ago

Black dresses are always a good type of outfit`s to wear.I usually don`t wear black dresses.I only wear them when i`m at a funeral.Iv`e only worn a black dress once and that was when i was in my vacation in mexico.

I`m the type of girl that wears bright colors except orange.Black has to be one of my favorites colors i like to wear shirts,shoes,necklace,bracelets and nail polish.I don`t wear black a lot because when it`s summer it gets really hot and my back burns like hell.

Sometimes i sweat just because i go outside for like 5 minutes.But i still love the color black.Who doesn`t love that color?One of my favorite things to do with plain outfit`s is add colors.So this young lady added some ideas for us girls.She wore this plain but cute black dress.

To add a littile girly she added this VINTAGE BLAZER which is in white.To make her outfit simple she added accessories so the things that she added were some bracelets they were in red,aqua blue and gold.

She had a gold purse it actually looked like a clutch but it wasn`t.For her shoes she wore some grey high heels.What i thought about this outfit is that she looked really pretty and simple.I liked how she just added a
VINTAGE BLAZER and everything looked elegant.

The outfit would still looked perfect is she would of taken the
VINTAGE BLAZER.The black dress could go with pink high heels and a pink belt or any color.The accessories look a littile mix but i love it.I mean it`s summer isn`t bright in those days lol.So if anybody has a plain dress just add a blazer and accessories and everything would look great.

Love her look ,it`s so chic and classy , love white and black too, and this one..are soo amazing on you !! chic elegant heels as well.

So if you girls loved this outfit or if you want to buy this VINTAGE BLAZER it cost about 37$.If you like other colors there is .
Here the link:

These pumps make the look better .So I found similar pumps like this girl was wearing and they cost 88$.Here`s the link:

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