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5 years ago

I have been on something of a stain kick. I guess I was curious as to how well they`d wear in comparison to powder or cream blushes that I own. I started with buying some of the Sonia kashuk ones and a Pixi one. Plus with us coming into warm weather I wanted something that would last on hot days and not melt or fade off.

This Vincent Longo one is the most expensive one I own, at $22.30. I ordered mine from the Apothica website. The product comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator. It has .25 oz/7.5 ml of product inside. That doesn`t sound like much, but you only need a tiny bit, so it`ll last for quite some time.

This can be used on the lips or the cheeks. I have tried it on both. I`m not sure how I feel about using the same wand for cheek and lip application, though.

The color I chose is Liquid Kiss. I did a lot of research before I placed my order. That was the color that seemed to get the best reviews. I figured it was my safest bet since I hadn`t tried this brand of stains yet.

Let me just say, WOW, this one is pigmented! You don`t need much AT ALL. I was used to the coloring and application of the Sonia Kashuk and the Pixi one, which are nothing like this. You have to work super, super quick or you`ll be left with dots or streaks on your skin. Literally, if you were to dot it across your cheek and then put the wand back into the tube and come back to blend in the color on your cheek, it will be too late and you`ll have stained dots across your face. The same goes for the lips.

After a couple of attempts I was near my breaking point and ready to call it quits. I was so frustrated that every time I`d use it it would dry/stain so fast that I couldn`t work with it. And, on the lips it would cling to any dry patches (even those that weren`t visible to the naked eye until you applied the stain...and by that point it was too late). I had this crazy dark center to my lips and..ugh, it wasn`t pretty.

I had read reviews that said this stuff had to be worked with fast, but I had no idea that translated as "WORK IN A NANO SECOND OR YOU`LL BE LEFT LOOKING LIKE A CLOWN!" I turned to more reviews. Someone had some suggestions that I decided to try. One was to apply your balm to your lips and let it sink in for a bit and then blot the excess away THEN apply the balm and pat in with your finger. The layer of balm created a barrier for those dry patches and would give a more even color finish. As for the cheeks they said to mix a drop of the stain with a small squirt of moisturizer. This would keep it from being able to cling to the skin and dry as fast. I figured it was worth a shot. I mean, the stuff was over $22.00 and I`d hate to see it go to waste.

LIFE SAVER!!! I`m so glad I came across that persons review (I wish I could remember who it was and where I even found it). FINALLY, I was able to wear this stain without looking like a nut that can`t apply makeup, lol! I was pleased that my lips now had a bitten look but not a bloody looking center and the color was evenly distributed. On my cheeks, I had a flush that looked like it came from A) being out in the chilled air or B) from taking a jog. It just looked natural. I finally found a way to wear this stain.

In the way of application, Vincent Longo actually suggests this be applied BEFORE your foundation, not after (as I was doing). They suggest putting it onto your skin, blending in, and then putting your foundation/concealers over top. You will look like an absolute clown before hand, but with the application of the foundation, it helps to blend away the harshness and brightness of it. This does work out well, but for the days when I want minimal makeup, I often don`t wear foundation (especially if my skin is behaving), and for those days the moisturizer trick works well.

Liquid Kiss is a very red stain, so I think I`m more comfortable wearing it when the weather is chilly. I don`t think this will be a stain I wear in the spring or summer. I prefer corals and pinks for the warmer months. Unfortunately, they don`t have a warm toned pink that would work on me, so I`ll be storing this one back in my blush drawer until fall, I think. They do have an orange, which I may look into getting... I don`t know yet.

For the staying power, I`m impressed. It REALLY stays. It stays even longer than my other stains. I shouldn`t be surprised, though, taking into account how quickly it dried on the skin, leaving dots and streaks behind (the first several times, before doing the moisturizer/balm trick). If it were a color appropriate for warm weather, this would be awesome for a day spent outside in the heat, the beach, or swimming. It would still be there when the day was over.

If you aren`t willing to work with this stain, then I say skip it. But, if you are willing to take the extra step of doing the balm for the lips, and mixing your moisturizer for the cheeks, then I say this would be a good stain product for you. OH, and take into account, your fingers will most definitely be stained after applying. Even if you quickly wash your hands, you`ll have traces of it. I even tried to take alcohol and astringent to my fingers to get rid of it. It wasn`t going anywhere, lol. So, that is a bit of a draw back.

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