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2 years ago

If you`re not familiar with the term Disney Bounding, it`s a developing concept not just with Disney but with other Fandoms as well. How do you bound you ask? It`s super simple, you just create an outfit inspired by a character, attraction or anything that is Disney related. There is a bit of controversy in the bounding community about where the line between bounding and cosplaying is, here is an easy way to divide the two.
1. Are you in a costume? Costumes are cosplay
2. Are you comfortable wearing the outfit in public? Odds are if you`re taking regular clothes from your closet it`s a bound.

Onto my outfit! The thursday night before I participated in the 10 Mile run at Disney World my friend and I went to one of Mickey`s Not So Scary Halloween parties. Being in the spirit of Halloween I decided to venture away from the Princess side of the kingdom into more darker territory.
I didn`t want to go all out on a costume because costumes can be expensive and uncomfortable. All the pieces i`m wearing here were either already in my closet, or they can be worn again easily.
I decided to Bound as my favorite villain, Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog.
Now i`ve got a more modern take on his ensemble, but I felt really good about the outside.

Here`s what i`m wearing and where it`s from:
Purple long sleeve shirt: Forever 21
Black Vest: Hot Topic
Red Belt: Target
Black leather pants: JC Penney
Sandals: Payless
Scarf and Hat: Unknown

The outfit isn`t a perfect match for the villain in the movies, but you can definitely see the inspiration behind it, which is the whole point of Disney Bounding!
What do you think of the whole Disney bounding thing? Would you give it a try?

The first three pictures belong to me, the last picture is my reference photo and is sourced below.

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