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4 years ago

So i`ve seen maybe one or two posts on here about Viggle, but they aren`t too informative, so that`s why i decided to make my first post!

Ok so for starters Viggle is a free app available for iPad,iPhone,iPod, and Android devices.

What is the purpose of this app?
Basically you watch tv, earn point and get rewards (simple), you check in while you`re watching your fav shows, or movies on tv, it will listen to your tv find the show you are watching and for every minute that you watch you earn points! They also have bonus points for featured shows, this means for the first 10 minutes that you are checked into a "featured show" you earn that amount of points (refrence picture) you can get 200 points PLUS the points for the amount of time the program will be on for, so lets say the show is on for one hour you will get 260 points, you even have chances to get more bonus points by watching 15-30sec videos the points range from 15-75points.

You can also earn MORE points by inviting your friends 200 points for every one you invite, after their first check-in of course

Get Rewarded!
Viggle rewards you for watching tv, and they have some great rewards, such as: giftcards for starbucks, bestbuy, amazon etc.
they also have electronics, iPod, Macbook Air, and Kindle Fire.

All in all i think its a great app, i`ve been using it for 2 months, obviously not glued to my tv screen but when i do have a chance i viggle! Soon i will have enough points to get one of these great rewards, hope you all get a chance to try this!

*Pictures are Mine.

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