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Tori Vega (Victoria Justice): So this is the main girl. She acts. She sings. She`s skinny (maybe just a little too skinny) and really pretty. She is also well known for her part on Zoey 101. Her character on the show is just your typical teen, but in a high school for talented students with a group of friends who are not just your typical teens.

Trina Vega (Daniella Monet): Every show has to have the crazy loud one, and Daniella`s it. She`s super funny and bursting with energy. Her character on the show is Tori`s sister, who loves the attention and the limelight and the whole fame package.

Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande): I absolutely love this girl. I think she`s gorgeous! Her character on Victorious is pretty much the dumb cute one. She doesn`t get things right away and she says the most randomest things.

Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies): There`s always a mean character, and Jade is mean. Her and Tori don`t quite get along on the show, but tolerate each other enough to hang with mutual friends. She potrays this cool, goth girl, girlfriend of Beck, who is next on my profiling!

Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia): His character is the totally cool, handsome guy who all the ladies absolutely adore, to Elizabeth`s character`s dismay.

Andres Harris (Leon Thomas III): Andres` character is very funny and musically talented. He always writes the music and helps with Tori`s songs.

Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett): His charater on Victorious is the clown. Everyone makes fun of him or kinda beats on him. Oddly enough, most people like his little dummy sidekick Rex, and together they make a little hilarious duo. I recently found out he plays a role on a movie that`s called the Virginity Pact. Totally funny, but very bad to connect with a kid show. Haha

Okay I feel silly for blogging on a kid`s nickelodeon show, but I decided to profile it because not only am I in love with it, but I believe it`s a show really intended to target the audience of kids instead of kids just trying to become famous like most kid shows now-a-days thatI don`t think are really that entertaining. I think the people on VICTORiOUS are really talented too, like they belong on tv. I pretty much love all their characters. So, this is the cast and hope I can get you interested too!

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