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I bought some of these limited edition products for the summer. It looks like they are already being discontinued, so I decided to review these for my first post! I usually wear warm, heavy scents like Vanilla Lace and Amber Romance, but with hot weather coming (eventually) to Portland, I decided to try something lighter and more refreshing. I had been checking out the website before I went to the store, and I honestly hadn`t even considered the Island Getaway line. The clerk showed them to me, and I decided to get a few. Here are my reviews:

Scent: `Fresh berries and hyacinth,` it smells pretty good but more floral and synthetic than I had hoped. Its a light, clean scent that doesn`t exactly live up to its name, as its neither particularly sexy nor exotic. It smells like your standard issue VS froot scent, but without the heavy syrupiness that I find personally offensive. It is not particularly long-lasting or assertive, it smells kind of like if you had left a lollipop in your pocket then noticed it all melted and stuck in there, so you pulled it out and washed your clothes but when you sniff the pocket it still vaguely smells like lollipop. After a few minutes, it smells kind of perfumy and floral, then it pretty much disappears. Not terrible, not anything to send a postcard about. The packaging is pretty cool on all these sprays, its a palm leaf in a gradient of colors and another in the back of the bottle going the opposite direction; the liquid itself is a sickly, serum-yellow color.

This is the first body wash I`ve ever bought from VS, and I was pleasantly surprised. The scent of Tropical Nights works well with the soapiness of the wash itself, and this lathers much better than I expected. I cant really speak to its body buffing abilities, but the little beads feel nice and not scrapey, its pretty refreshing and stuff, so I guess it works. All in all I like it. I wouldn`t buy it again, as I don`t think its any better than drug store body wash and I`m not in love with the scent, but I don`t regret trying it. The packaging has the same palm leaf in the same colors as the spray, on a white background, which always makes me think I am looking at the cream, which I didn`t buy (it just didn`t seem refreshing). The scrub itself is a pineapple yellow.

This stuff has a really intriguing texture. It is foamy on its surface, but once scooped out of the tub it has a creaminess to it. It feels seriously refreshing going on, like bubbles washing over your skin, and it rubs in easier than the body butter. The texture is a lot like whipped egg whites right before they become meringue, and it even holds a soft peak on your finger. Its great on a hot day, it makes my skin feel cool and smooth. It smells just like the spray, and I don`t think layering the scent makes it much stronger, although it does increase the longevity. The packaging, I have to say, is hideous. The lid looks exactly like the scrub, but the tub itself is a garish hot pink that clashes with everything else on my shelf! It does make me want to use it up faster and repurpose the tub as like a bead-holder or something.

I also snagged one of these; the clerk said it was the heaviest of the Island Getaway scents, and compared it to Amber Romance. I must protest. This is nowhere near as heavy as Amber Romance, and I wouldn`t even say it is stronger than Tropical Nights. The scent is `Hawaiian orchid and black currant,` although I`m not gonna lie, I think it smells like oranges. If I wrote copy for VS, I would call it `sparkling mandarin,` but I don`t, so well go with orange. OK, `sparkling orange`. It honestly smells better than Tropical Nights, but it is even less sexy somehow, and it fades even quicker. It also fades into a floral, I guess orchids, but maintains a vague orangeyness throughout its brief duration. I spray it liberally when I wear it, which is actually more often than Tropical Nights, now that I think of it. Its sweeter and juicier than Tropical Nights, and I can see it mixing better with other fragrances (I usually combine it with Bath & Body Works Golden Magnolia Sun, which I will be reviewing in the future and which also kind of smells like oranges).

I didn`t like Island Rush at all because it smells like `coconut water (lie) and pomelo (grapefruit, aka pee)`. I sprayed it and recoiled. I hate grapefruit; its a bitter, stinking, hateful fruit that burns the mouth and smells like pee. I don`t want to be anywhere near a grapefruit, and if I want to smell like pee I don`t need to buy a fragrance spray to accomplish this. I abstained from purchasing Island Rush, but if you are a grapefruit aficionado, it would be pleasing to you.

In conclusion, the Island Getaway products are OK for summer, but generally underwhelming. The souffle is really nice, refreshing and perfect for a hot morning, and the body wash is decent but overpriced. The scents themselves are pretty blah. As they are limited edition and already seem to be in the process of being discontinued, I guess I would say you didn`t really miss anything and if they ever bring these scents back or you see them on sale, don`t trip over yourself to get them.

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