Victorian Chocolate cupcakes and Meringue cookies

4 years ago

So My boyfriend went home for part of the summer vacation a week or so ago and so I baked some goodies to send home with him for his family. I wish baked goods were easier to send around. I got a box that had a cupcake holder to help keep them in place but the box could only hold four cupcakes. (Overload of cupcakes left over! Just kept giving them away haha.) And even still they didn`t make it to Hawaii in one peice. It was super sad, they were placed in one of those fabric grocery bag type bags so that they could be carried onto the plane, and I had to watch as my boyfriend went through the security check and the TSA agent turned the bag onto it`s poor cupcakes the icing apparently got all smooshed and stuff....I guess it`s comforting to know that it didn`t change their taste at all...but still haha all my hard work T.T

The Meringue cookies were fine though! of course because they are cookies not as delicate as cupcakes. BEST cookies I`ve ever made though, defiantly my favorite cookie, especially when it come out of the oven. When they cool down they become this light, crunchy airy cookie and is sweet but not overly sweet, but it`s nothing compared to when they first come out. The outside is hard when they come out of the oven but because it is still warm, the middle really melts in your mouth as you bite into it so there is a nice crunch when you bite into them but are not all crunch. It. Is. Heavenly.

Have you ever made any of the above before? How many of you like Meringue cookies? Do you make buttercream icing? was it hard for you to find a good recipe for it like me?
Let me know! :D

*Pictures and Text all mine*

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