Victoria Secret 7 for $26 Panty Haul !

5 years ago

I normally do not feel comfortable showing others what type of undergarments I wear but I thought that this deal was too good not to discuss. Victoria`s Secret is currently having another one of their 7 for $26 Panty Parties. The deal started on Thursday and will end on Monday the 26th.

I decided to go yesterday evening because I figured that this was the time to stock up on new panties. VS frequently has their 5 for 20 something deals but I had been waiting for their 7 for $26 deal to go on again because let`s face it, I am a cheapstake. lol.

I also wanted to take advantage of the free gift cards they are giving out with your purchase. Each of the gift cards contains at least $10, so if you think about it, you basically get 7 panties for $16 making them $2.28 a piece. Not bad at all considering that these each retail for at least $10 individually.

What I got:
*Leopard print with black lace- omg so cute and you know how much I looooove leopard print
*Neon pint with black lettering that reads "Love pink"- I believe these are the yoga panties If I am not mistaking
*Highlighter yellow with zebra print and glitter heart-another super cute animal print panty...can you tell I love animal print?
*Neon pint boyshorts with floral print lace and "love pink" in silver glitter on the back- I think these are my favorite pair. Too cute.
*Blue and white striped boyshorts with blue lace-these are somewhat plain but would have look super super cute with a gold anchor don`t you think lol
*Hot pink thong with floral print lace
*Floral print thong with navy blue lace

I think most of the ones I got, if not all of them, are from their PINK line but their Victoria Secret line is on sale too.

If you do not have a Victoria`s Secret nearby you can take advantage of this sale online as well by entering code SEVEN during checkout.

A lot of the panties I picked up might be somewhat tacky to say the least but I thought they were super cute. What I love about VS panties is that they have so many different styles to choose from as well as fun trendy colors. I am not to brave to wear neon yet so I decided that I could start off by wearing some bright neon panties. lol. I also picked out some in animal print, floral print and other funky designs.

I am a huge fan of Victoria`s Secret. But then again what girly girl isn`t. I haven`t been able to find another brand of undergarments that fit as nicely and are of the same great quality as VS. Sure they are more expensive than other store but you really get your money`s worth.

I am thinking about getting a neon pink bra to go with the new panties I got. I have been very curious about Aerie bras, do any of you know if they are any good? Let me know below.

Did any of you take advantage of this sale?

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