Victoria S.

Victorias secret

If Victoria really wanted to be a secret

she wouldnt expose herself so frequently

she wouldn`t advertise the latest clothing designs

attracting the slim, medium and thickest thighs

towards a size they know they can`t fit in

Victoria knows what she wants

and she knows how to manipulate through perfumes, lotions

even the latest launderette

trust me victoria knows her way

still she tries to keep this secret

tucked in the chambers of her enticing scent

but sometimes they say a secret can seem like an affair

and how can one deny that when Victoria is everywhere.

Through Victoria all things are possible

im telling you, she will leave relationships crystallized for a period of time

so stagnant in brittle shells of what they once were

the stench of her guiltiness reeks through innocent souls

creating an eclispe of unwanted emotions

until one is massaged with Victorias Lotion

she operates like a terrorist

sabotaging any opportunties for opportunity

she doesn`t believe in faith

she can not define love

her name will never be anonymous yet admired

Victoria has become the new sexual earth, wind and fire

she will engulf your breath of desire

leaving your mind intertwined with confusion

is Secret really her last name

or is it just an advertised illusion? 

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