Victoria Beckham Says Her Body Is Average!

5 years ago

Victoria Beckham is known not only for her Spice Girls time, being David Beckham wife and fashion designer, she is also talked about because of her figure.
Some criticize in a negative way and others in a positive way, saying she is to skinny and other saying she looks okay, but what about her own opinion?! She does have one and she has said in a recent review that she think she has the body of the average woman.

After reading her thought on it i think "really"?! She looks nice, sometimes she does look a bit skinny but i guess that how she feels comfortable and if she healthy, good for her. But i don`t think her body is average, because she is almost a super model and even compared with other thin woman she will look different and not only because she really want to be very skinny but because everybody has different bodies.

I think her body is not the one that will represent the average woman to be honest.She still looks good though, but could get a bit of more healthy weight(muscle and still in the healthy range), but thats up with her...

<strong>Do you think her body represents the body of the average woman?
Do you think she could gain a bit more healthy (muscle) weight?</strong>

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