Victor Kim and Lizzy Richardson`s Love Story

6 years ago

5 years ago today my life changed forever. September 19th, 2005 I met the love of my life. I still know today that whatever comes of our relationship I am a better person for it. Our story still amazes me till this day and I love how it all came to be.


5 Years ago I was directing the Pilipino American Coalitions hip hop crew out of California State University of Long Beach, PAC Modern. I went to UCI to watch and support my fellow competitive teams CADC and KABA Modern perform at their welcome week. Brian Nguyen Nahgooyin invited me out to so I went. And this is where I feel in love with a bboy. Yes love at first sight.

He was dancing with the breaking club, when he walked on stage I elbowed, I believe it was Christank from CADC and said Hey thats my boyfriend! Just joking because a lot of us PAC girls would always play around where wed say hey, That guy is your BF! to each other. Its so silly but we were so young then. For some reason I was really drawn to this Bboy. He was of course REALLY talented and hot but there was something else. I wasnt sure why but for some reason I felt, I really need to know him.

So I asked Nahgooyin, Whos that guy? and he responded, His name is Victor Kim.

ME: Is he on a team?

NAHGOOYIN: No, hes just a bboy.

My mind at the time was purely competitive so I thought ooo I should get him on PAC!!! (lol seriously I was a PAC Modern-ahoilic :P) But in the back of my mind I thought Im kinda interested in him So I asked Nahgooyin

ME: How old is he?


WHAT?!!! 19 oh heck no he is too young, is what went through my mind. Nahgooz said Come on Ill introduce you And I said No, its cool. What was this? I felt shy, I didnt want to talk to him? Keep in mind Im 22 at the time, have my own career going, leading one of the oldest teams in the scene, never have a problem talking to anyone and yet I am nervous to talk to this 19 year old?!

I finally went over and talked to him at the hand of Nahgooyin dragging me over and it went a bit like this.

NAHGOOYIN: Victor this is Lizzy.

ME: (BIG smile and all nervous) Hi, nice to meet you. You did great up there!

VICTOR: Oh thanks, nice to meet you. (then he turned away and started talking to someone else!)

Geez I got all nervous for nothing, he didnt even look twice at me! :( It was like my heart was standing all tall trying to make a good first impression and then she just fell to a slump with her head down. A bit later we ended up talking a bit more and I asked why he wasnt on KABA or CADC and he said because he didnt do choreography and that was our first interaction. I threw out the window the idea of recruiting him because he didnt seem interested in the colligate competitive dance scene.

About a week or two went by and low and behold Victor showed up to a Boogiezone rehearsal for an event they were putting together which included all these teams from our community. I saw him sitting on a bench outside Focus dance studio and asked why he was there. He told me he just joined Six Step!!! At the time PAC and Sick Step were soooo close so I was kinda shocked and excited because then I knew Id be seeing a lot more of him!

Basically this was the beginning of our relationship, our first two conversations which led to a year of I like you, I dont know, Do you like me? blah blah blah Its funny when I look back now. There is so much to it but want to share it with you so Ill bullet point it. Because I figure if youd read this far you might enjoy this as well. :P

*The Boogiezone event was our first performance together, He said to me I think Im in love with you I looked at him and said I think youre too young for me. I walked away feeling. YES he finally noticed me!!! lol

*From then on every time we were around each other people who make comments like theres Victors GF!! Or hello Mrs. Kim! It seemed as though everyone was in on this little game Victor and I were playing. See we talked for a year, saw each other at parties would look like we might kiss but I always pulled away. I wasnt ready for that yet and I wasnt sure if it would be anything that would last so I wasnt about to invest my feelings. But really I already had.

*Stupid funny things I did when I was around him:

-I would go to Cha for Tea just order a drink from him because he was a cashier

-I decorated his door 4 his bday but was nervous to put it up so I made my roommates do it and then keep re-doing it like 20 times till I thought it was cool while Im sitting in my car yelling move that sign, no put that one up!

-I bought a piano so he could teach me, I almost cried the first time I heard him play piano

-The first time I went to his house I sat on the floor instead of next to him on his bed bc I was so nervous

-Id ask Nahgooz, Hirano and people who knew him Does he like me? until one day Hirano said You two are stupid just hook up already! I thought that was hilarious coming from him.

-I pushed myself in breaking because I wanted to impress him.

-I hired him to model for Nacu so I could drive him to the show bc he didnt have a car but all he did was fall asleep on me like I was a taxi driver!

-Id save all my messages he left me and re-listen to them.

-Id practice what I wanted to say to him

I became so high school around him! It was funny and probably annoying to our friends but I love looking back at it now and seeing where weve grown.

*Finally at an event at Avalon we had our first kiss!!! One year later. I remember we were dancing around our friends and they kept looking at us because they could feel it coming too! I freaking have pix that people took of us, freaking paparazzi status! So we left to be alone in a hallway and he just pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me!!! Ahh why do I have butterflies just writing this right now?! And then of course Ryan (Ryanimay) and Hok turned the corner to walk right past us, ha, so much for privacy! We kissed till the lights literally turned on and they were shooing us out the door. He came over that night and no people nothing happened. We just laid and talked with each other till the sun came up. :]

*From then on we hung out a lot. (Shout out to Mike Song who was his roommate at the time and never minded me always being there!) At Christmas I made him a CD with pix and put the last song as Call Me When You Get This by Corinne Bailey Rae. At New Years we went to Vegas with my PAC Modern peeps and he wanted to ask me out after the count down which would have been amazing! But instead he had to take me back to the hotel because I got a bit too tipsy! oops But he took care of me the whole night and next day. I felt embarrassed but he was so awesome about it.

*We started officially dating on Jan. 2nd 2007 I was a bit nervous that I was starting this new journey but just felt why not? What do I have to lose?

*For my birthday we went to this little lake in Irvine to have a picnic and took our Kiss Pix that we later recreated for Victors best friend Anthony Lee. We did it for his project Revolution

*That summer he went to Korea to study abroad and he wrote me a letter and gave it to me at the airport. He looked at me and said I love you I said it too and we both cried together. It seriously felt like a movie.

*The following year I finished Charger Girls and left for a contract in Tokyo for 7 months working for Disney. The night before I left. I was having 2nd thoughts about it. Should I be leaving Victor? Am I being selfish? What if we dont work out? All these things ran though my mind, I felt sick. I remember walking down the hallway and (Babe I hope you dont mind me writing this because it broke my heart but was so cute at the same time) he was standing in my doorway trying to put on my PINK sweats and couldnt because he was crying. I just lost it. I told him I wont go, I dont think this is a good idea. And he said I just want to support you, go and fulfill this goal. Well it turns out I went and we are only stronger since then.

*Quest ended up winning ABDC and our relationship definitely changed but for the better. It was sooo hard not being able to be there at one of the most important times in his life. But it was good for us because we both got to truly focus on ourselves which is one of our key successes in our relationship. I always tell him, Babe, do you first. Follow your dreams and live the life you imagine. By him being successful it helped push me as I pushed him in the beginning of our relationship through my career. I think thats the beauty of what we have. We genuinely want the best for each other and we try to help each other grow as people and in our careers.

*I left again but this time to Korea. I really wanted to go because Victor is Korean! If we ever have babies Im getting me some Rosetta Stone and learning more Korean! :D

*Ive moved back to LA and am excited that Victor is moving here too! Even though this is such a long entry this is just a glimpse into our relationship. When I look back now I KNOW that the feeling of needing to know him was God saying to me, He will be the one to show you true love and you will return the same. It really was love at first site because as much as I wanted to deny it or question it in the beginning I can now let down my guard and say yes he is meant to be in your life. Its God who brought him to you. Along with a little man I like to call Cupid A.K.A. Nahgooyin. ;D

So here we are today 5 years later, careers stronger, were more focused and dedicated, we have amazing friends around us who have been there since the beginning and I feel like we are still at the beginning stages of our relationship. People used to make fun of us that our Honeymoon stage will fade off soon but really, 5 YEARS later I am more in a Honeymoon Stage than ever!!! I like to call it our Loveymoon Stage.

Thank you to all the amazing people we have in our lives who have been apart of our journey I love you all and I am eternally grateful because without our friends we wouldnt be where we are today.

Love of My Life Part 1

Love of My Life Part 2

Part 3 is still yet to come 0:]

PS: The hat he is wearing in the picture is the hat he wore the first day I met him! :]

-- Im a fan of them =) I just love them so much!

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