Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Solution Rev

I really hate to change up my skincare routine having sensitive skin that breaks out when it HEARS the world irritation isnt too fun, and trying out new skincare products usually leaves me saying I wish I didnt do that. However, After trying out this product at a friends house one night, I fell in love and decided to purchase it and give it a good go. Well- Im about 90% done the bottle now, and ill be repurchasing!

This micellar cleansing solution (aka cleansing water), attracts makeup, dirt and oil and sucks it off your skin onto a cotton pad like a charm. Its so gentle, it will never burn or leave your skin dry. You dont even have to rinse after, however being the clean-freak I am, I follow-up with a gentle Cetaphil cleanser to make sure its all gone. It takes off mascara (even waterproof with a few tries), lipstick, sunscreen, long-wear foundation, concealereverything! With just a few swipes. Ive even used it on my models at our last photoshoot and everyone seemed to love how gentle and effective it was!

There are a few cons though first, I go through this product FAST. Im used to skincare lasting a whileyou know, a little goes a long way. Well with this one, I need to do 2-3 passes over my face to get all the makeup off. Id probably go through an entire large pump-top bottle every 1-2 monthsbut its not too pricey so I really dont mind. This also leads into my next con I use SO many cotton pads as well! I like the premium cotton pads, so they arent that cheap. Neither of these cons will stop me using itbut its something to think about.

Price: $13 USD for 6.76 oz
Availability: SkincareRX
Overall: Gentle yet effective, and great for sensitive skin. You will run out of this fairly quickly if you use it everyday but it just might be a must have for you!
Rating: A

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